04/05/10, 09.17p // so today i woke up &,

So today I woke up and decided that I’d look into getting a paid account. Why not, right? I should use this more often, anyways. Even if no one reads it. So I went and checked and bought a month for 3$ just to see how things work. I also bought a rename token and decided on a name that was taken. I won’t say anything else about it just yet, though.

I haven’t made any graphics lately, not that it matters, really. My friend Mxxxx over at Sxxxxxxx Cxxxx has started to make some pretty good looking banners. So now she and Mxxxx are putting me to shame with their superior banners. Egad. I really want to make graphics for someone or something; Mxxxx asked me to make a SC-promoting banner for her and I made four versions for her to pick from. So that was a good start but I need a lot more practice.

You know, I sometimes wish that I wasn’t as poor as I am, I’m fortunate to still have a home and all, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I wish we had a bit more. I’m jealous of Mxxxx’s excellent photography. I really am. I used to practise photography but that got lost in translation along with my art. I’m not very good at anything anymore. But to stay on-topic, I wish that I could take photographs as well as she can. All I have is a Canon PowerShot A590 8mpx digital camera. Maybe if I get the green light I’ll be able to get a better camera.
I hope so. I think that would help me.

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