01/15/10, 05.20a // 💬

alright, high five! i’m done being fucked with. yaay for me. so everyone i’m talking about can go listen to nickelback! (oooh scary).

i’ve been unusually tired this week. i can go to bed as early as 5 pm. and i love sleep so i dont see the problem with that but i can see how my parents can worry over it. my mother to be exact. she always asks me if ‘something happened’ or if i’m depressed. those’re usually the only two reasons she usually comes up with. but nope – not either. i like that i can lie in bed and just think. and i have my yorkie warmers with me, of course. thinking is funnn. it really is. try it sometime.

ooh, i got my required texts today at chabot. all of the books in the Gay & Lesbian Literature class.. i wanna read ’em all. they’re exciting. and one’s a graphic memoir! i love memoirs. love love love them. so i’m reading that one ahead of schedule >_>

i hate to do such short blogs but when i’ve got a graphic memoir to read and the want to get to bed & let Chloe settle in..i think i can cut it short.

oh, and i’ve been debating on whether or not i should post pictures of myself as i am now. (if anyone reads this) give me your opinion. the photo i’m using now is two years old /: and i really wish my hair was like that again. damn this impulsivity!

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