01/06/10, 04.28p // 🗯️

it seems like every time i post something about this girl, saying something negative and feeling all hopeless, something (sometimes) nice happens. it’s only happened twice and i dont really expect it to happen again but in ways i dont want anything to happen bc it all seems like being led-on. which you know is always fun and feels wonderful.

maybe it’s me? it seems to be always me, right? bc i dont really know how to navigate around relationships, i dont know the rules i suppose. are there rules? when i can i try to avoid rules, either that or make my own. i suppose, be original in that way.

but then again, what do i know? maybe i’m st*pid – actually i most likely am. so i’ll stop this now since my brain is torn inbetween writing this and watching Scrubs.


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