12/17/08, 07.44p // im tired of school

[from my notebook]

im tired of school. im tired of your problems. when you talk about them it makes me so angry. stop whining and shut the fuck up. i dont broadcast my thoughts like you do. get away from me. youre too close to me. BACK OFF. im sick of all those people.. theyre all just stale air and dead skin. i cant take this anymore. teachers play favourites. certain kids get special priveladges. “republican pride”. against gays. a school full of hypocrites and bigots. ok, fine, i dont care. cos i asked for your opinion?
if i was like the rest of them life wouldnt be so hard,but im not..you dont know. so dont tell me you understand or youve “been there” cos you HAVENT. so shut up and stop talking about things you have NO IDEA about.


its hard to breathe. i forget to do it sometimes. my head is all screwed up..its foggy and disorienting when i turn my head. (the day after i tried to overdose)